GLA Kick-off Conference

source:ENGLA   time:2016-06-11 14:56:35

GLA Kick-off Conference


On 19th May 2016, the kick-off conference of Global Legal Alliance (abbreviated as GLA)sponsored jointly by P.C. Woo& Co. Law Firm (Hong Kong, PRC), Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (Beijing, PRC), DKLM Law Firm (UK), Total Serve (Cyprus), Huicheng Law Firm (PRC), Huang Tang & Marvin, LLP (USA), Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (Shenzhen, PRC), Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (Xiamen, PRC), Ahmad Al-Kusayer from Naji Law Firm (Saudi Arabia), Eugene Lai from Stephenson Harwood  Law Firm (Hong Kong, PRC), Hermes Pazzaglini from NCTM Law Firm (Italy) and Wang Yanzhuo from Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd. (PRC).


The founding partner, chairman of ZLWD Law Firm Dr. Wen Chen, the director Mr. Dengfa Fang, the vice director Mr. Qinggui Zhen, Bill Li and Kevin Zhu presented at the conference and discussed matters concerning establishment of GLA with distinguished guests.


Besides the lawyers from ZLWD Law Firm, Beijing Office, the founding members presented including Moses Mo-Chi Cheng, Paul Lo from P.C. Woo& Co. ; Ahmad Al-Kusayer from Naji Law Firm; Anna Fyrinidou from Total Serve; Cheng Haiqun from ZLWD Law Firm, Shenzhen office; Eugene Lai from Stephenson Harwood Law Firm; Fan Shiwen from Huicheng Law Firm; Hermes Pazzaglini from NCTM Law Firm; Jeremy Kleinfeld from DKLM Law Firm; PanXinqun from ZLWD Law Firm, Xiamen Office; Tang Zhaofan from Huang Tang & Marvin, LLP; Wang Yanzhuo from Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd.  etc. Other invited foreign guests who failed to make it to the conference sent their congratulations and wished this conference a great success. They also expressed their willingness to join GLA which aims to promote multinational cooperation among legal service providers.


The founding partner, chairman of ZLWD Law Firm Dr. Wen Chen, raised that GLA will be forged as a public platform where global legal service providers can communicate, learn and cooperate. GLA will be organizing business activities, expertise training and cross-border legal service by taking the form of legal service platform.

Twelve special business teams have been established in order to develop the cross-collaboration of all GLA members, including Banking and Finance, General Corporate, MA&Capital Market, Properties, Dispute Resolution, Private Clients, IP, Environment, Energy and Infrastructure, Food& Drug, Middle East Business and Development, Trade Remedy, and Competition. Several important resolutions, such as how to prepare the upcoming GLA Hong Kong Conference, were agreed upon. Mr. Moses Mo-Chi Cheng and Mr. Chen Wen were elected as the chairman and co-chairman of GLA respectively.


Headquartered in Hong Kong, GLA aims to grow into a legal association with profound influence in the international community. A qualified member of GLA should have a wide range of legal expertise and a great influence in its professional field so that it is capable of resolving problems and providing high-level legal service. With 12 special business teams, GLA will be a legal alliance covering more than 190 countries and regions worldwide.


The GLA kick-off conference marked the first try by Chinese legal elites to be part of the establishment work of global legal platform. Under the guidance of "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the GLA will serve as a platform for worldwide legal experts to communicate and cooperate, which will significantly enhance the friendship and deepen the understanding to the frontier issues of International law among global legal service providers.

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